Daily Creates-Unit Two!

I have taken quite a lot of time on this unit, mostly because of work and all other things requiring my attention, probably what makes this course great I guess, being able to do things at my own pace. However, I didn’t want to feel totally left out so I did my best to keep up with the Daily Creates, and in this post I share some of them with you.


Life's Key

My first daily create in the second unit was the 6 word hashtag memoir. The task was to find 6 words that meant something to you and either research some things related to those hashtags or write them out as hashtags. I picked 6 words that I feel define me as a person and to some extent are sort of the standard by which I live my life.  #Attitude-because much like the saying I really do believe that “attitude is everything”. Your attitude in any given situation will determine how far you go and even when an outcome is not to your liking, with the right attitude you can still walk away with a smile on your face. #Simplicity was my second word because I feel the little things in life matter most and little things are usually very simple things. A life lived simply is usually a very happy life. My third word is #Laughter and this one is sorta self explanatory. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh, and I am fortunate enough to have hilarious family members, so there’s almost always something to laugh about. And of course #Love had to be on my list of words, the world does revolve around it, at least my world does. I’m not sure who it was that said, “Hatred is too great a burden to bear, therefore, I have decided to stick with love”. When you actually think about it everything boils down to love, and I am in love with love…not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but oh well. #Happiness is the fifth word on my list because I decided to make everyday for the rest of my life with the aid of my first 4 hashtagged words. And lastly #Life a word which pretty much sums up everything on my 6 word memoir. What I was basically with this daily create is that life should be lived simply, filled with lots of love and laughter as well as the right attitude if one wants to be happy.


I'm a little country

The goal of the daily create was to come up with meme image with a cowgirl in it. We don’t have cowgirls or cowboys here in Zambia, we may occasionally dress up like them, well at least I do because I enjoy experimenting with fashion like that. Anyway, since we don’t have the western genre in any form here, we know about it and follow it through movies or music and we have fun with it. I’m a huge fan of country music, I first really fell in love with it when I heard Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks, I had listened to country music before but none ever captivated like that song did and I’ve been a huge fan of the music genre ever since. I love music generally, one of my friends in college used to call me a walking songbook because I know the lyric to too many songs. I can sing, but my voice wasn’t built for country music and I guess that’s why my cowgirl meme turned out the way it did.


Home on the Range

This particular Daily Create was and still is hilarious to me, reason being I misunderstood the instructions of the create. The task was to a verse from the song “Home on the Range” and tweak it a little and make it your own. My understanding however, was that we take a verse from the song and share an image that represents that particular verse and that’s exactly what I did. The first verse talks about a home on the range where buffaloes roam free and I picked an image from one of the national parks here in Zambia that shows buffaloes and elephants in the wild. It was was only when someone mentioned something about lyrics and I checked out other people’s daily creates that I saw where I sorta missed it. But I had fun in the process of doing, and I learnt a new song.

My daily creates for this particular unit were plenty, but I’ll only share the above three to avoid boring everyone with lengthy text and lots of pictures. I’m now on to the next unit… YEY!





Spaghetti Westerns

So I recently got a job… and you can imagine my excitement, way to kick off the new year I thought to myself. On my first day, I’m told I have to take an online Digital Storytelling course so I’m well groomed for the job, to be honest, this was music to my ears, I mean how hard can it be? An online course, I live for this kind of stuff… but boy was I was wrong. In my opinion the Ds106 site isn’t very user friendly, I find that instructions seem to be a little all over the place and that makes it kind of hard to know whether you’re progressing or no. And so I PANICKED!!! I was about ready to grab my little bag and say thanks for the job offer boss and for the vote of confidence but I think this course is best left for the geniuses. Fortunately for me I didn’t grab my bag, instead I watched the Neil Gaiman that’s at the beginning of unit 1 and it really helped, some of his words actually echoed and got me thinking Adidas’s tagline “Impossible is nothing” and I managed to picked myself up from there.
Yesterday I took part in my first daily create task on Ds106 and it was extremely insightful. Daily create for those that aren’t familiar is almost like a daily challenge found on the Ds106 daily create sight. The challenge for the day could be to create a a video clip or write a short story based on a picture or edit something fun and create into your toast like I discovered from past archives. So my first daily create task was to do some research on Spaghetti Westerns which until yesterday I didn’t know was a term that existed to refer to Western movies with more of a Spanish influence and after doing some research post a video to the Ds106 daily create tweeter account. So after doing a little research I found a 1966 of the movie Django (which I didn’t even know existed) and I was only familiar with 2012 Django Unchained version of the movie, which is way different from the original. Unfortunately I have not been able to find an English version of the original movie on YouTube, I would have been nice to see the contrast between. On the plus side though, having watched at least one version of the movie helps one get a bit more creative as it allowed me to play around with the lines from the movie I knew and sort of apply them to the older version. Those who’ve seen Django Unchained which is the 2012 version of the movie will immediately pick up on the fact that I titled my daily create video with a line from the more recent version of the movie, I guess you could sort of call it a marriage between the old and the new.
My video clip isn’t out of this world amazing but I enjoyed making it. I had never used giphy.com before but it’s so easy to use, even an amateur like me got it right. I feel I’m slowly getting a hang of the course, and hopefully I’ll be a digital storytelling pro by the end of it all.