Fast Cars… Catfight!

Wow, Unit 2 has been rather demanding and my job has been too lately, so my blog and my DS106 progress has suffered a little, but I’m back! This is my first Gif assignment, although technically, it’s my second Gif, my first one was a daily create but I’m sure you already knew that. Anyway, the quest was to make a Gif of my last seen movie or one of my favourite movies and I did just that. I am a huge fan of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, so for my Gif, I picked a scene from Fast and Furious 6 which is my favourite of them of all because I feel it was very funny. The last one was too sad for my liking because I love happy endings. I’ve attached my Gif link below, wish the image was showing here but hey, we cant get everything we want. Enjoy!



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